Metag (Italy).

Founded in 1976, Metag is world leader manufacturer of “Needle” and “Needle-Rod” weaving machine for the production of heavy duty and special narrow fabrics including ribbons, tapes, belts, multi-layer and tubular.
Weaving machines, accessories and engineering related to the weaving of industrial products are proudly developed and produced 100% in Italy, in the historical head-quarter based in Milan.

Main application of fabrics produced by Metag weaving machines are:
• Lifting Slings, Freight Lashing, Check Straps
• Brake Linings, Safety Belts, Climbing Belts
• Arrestor band for aircrafts
• Sifter tapes for mills
• Tubular filters
• Conveyor belting
• Industrial multilayer fabrics
• Solid woven fabrics
• High-Temp insulating fabrics
• Coating sleeves
• Structural reinforcement fabrics
• Gaskets, clutches and automotive products
• Cargo security
• Marine lashing
• Air-cargo handling
• Material handling systems
Plus, webbings for sport, industry, army and military applications, air-force, handling, mountaineering, security, safety, mining, etc.