Bierrebi (Italy)


With more than 50 years of experience Bierrebì is the market leader in the development and production of innovative cutting solutions for woven, nonwoven and knitted, open width and tubular fabrics, in the apparel, household and technical sectors.

Founded in 1963 Bierrebì headquarter is located in Sassomarconi, close to Bologna.

Bierrebì has always successfully engineered and produced cutting machines, that are now installed worldwide and adopted by premium global garment Industries and brands.

All cutting solutions from Bierrebì have been developed with a special care for sustainability, focusing on:

– power saving

– disposable materials elimination

– fabric savings reducing the wastage


Modern software control systems compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements, allows Bierrebì customers to benefit from several possibilities such as remote service as well as ERP connections.

The innovative Digital cutting systems with a revolutionary concept of cut on glass board are specifically designed to reduce noise, power consumption and to avoid the use of disposable materials.

The flexibility of the machines combined with the great user experience are a great asset for cutting rooms also in the need to prepare prototypes and samples.

The silent cutting process can fit any cutting room.

The traditional die cutting solutions have a robust industrial design for 24:7 operations and are the most effective ones in the industry to cut underwear, activewear, sportswear.

Solutions covering both tubular and open width fabric can be combined to increase productivity and optimize fabric consumption.

The continuous nesting technology is now available for all fabric formats.




Crystal SH 070

RF Line

Crystal SH 035

AC Line

OF Line

AL Line