Jingong (China).

Jingong Industries has been dedicating to the developing, manufacturing and marketing of warp knotting and automatic drawing-in machines since 2000.

With a production capacity of 3000 machines per year, Jingong is one of the few suppliers in the world, which can provide a large range of warp knotting and drawing-in solutions for different applications in the weaving industry, narrow weaving industry and warp knitting industry.

Jingong also provides customized solutions for specific applications, such as machines for glass fiber yarns, technical yarns, and other special yarns.


Warp knotting machine for weaving machines

Warp tying frames

Automatic drawing-in machine HDS8800

Warp knotting machine for warp knitting machines

Warp leasing machine model mc-700

Warp knotting machine for tape and narrow weaving machines