Marzoli Machines Textile

Marzoli Machines Textile (Italy).

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Marzoli designs and manufactures textile machines since 1851.

Today it represents the textile division of Camozzi Group that combines the historical competence on fibers preparation and spinning process with the most advanced technologies.

Marzoli is a unique partner for the manufacturing of the complete line of machines for the opening, preparation and spinning of natural, man-made, technical and blending fibres and we offer innovative solutions also for the nonwoven industry.

Marzoli assists customers from the study of the spinning plan to its erection, from the start-up of the machines to their optimization.

Marzoli provides support in the organization of logistics, in the choice of accessories and components and through a wide network of technicians and technologists offers a state-of-the-art service to maintain the best performance of the customer plant.

Secular tradition, continuous technological development and know-how with hundreds spinning production plants installed around the world are confirming Marzoli leadership position in the global textile market.